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Founded in 2014, Tapout Fitness is part of the Tapout brand family. Tapout is owned and operated by two powerhouse brands; Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a brand development, marketing and entertainment company, which owns a global portfolio of over 30 lifestyle, sports, celebrity and entertainment brands, and World Wrestling Entertainment the preeminent provider of wrestling-based entertainment.

WWE Superstar
John Cena


Claudia Pavie


Claudia Pavie, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but living in Dubai, comes to Tapout Fitness from a career as an Economist. With an MSc. in Finance she has worked most of her life in banking and financial markets.

Claudia decided to get into fitness and become a Tapout Fitness owner because as a dual-national Brazilian-Italian, sports and fitness are very much part of her culture, and has been present in her life since her early days. She would like to help people to understand the level of improvement that they can achieve in their lives with a healthy lifestyle. “Your body is your house and you should treat it with care and respect, exercising your muscles regularly, developing mobility, stretching, eating clean and having enough sleep so that people will live and grow old enjoying the best life can offer.”

Fun Fact About Claudia:

“I’m a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an advanced Scuba Diver, and addicted to a fitness and healthy lifestyle.”

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